Generator Hire For Events

Bring your event to life

No external event is complete without power, so Ace generators has you covered. We provide generators and lighting for all kinds of outdoor events. Whether you are hosting a big charity concert in an isolated field in the countryside or an intimate birthday party on a family farm, we have the equipment to see you through from beginning to end. 

As events vary in size, so does the amount of power needed for them to function. We will tailor to your needs by establishing the most suitable equipment for the job.


Let there be light

As well as power, we offer lighting hire to save you having to scour the internet for even more suppliers. Lighting is key for any event, especially those that cross over from day to night. We know the importance of lighting and how it’s use can transform a space, and even manipulate an atmosphere, creating an appropriate setting for each and every occasion. 

Check out the lighting we have to offer.

We Have you Covered

Don’t worry about collection and set-up. We deliver all the necessary equipment, complete with essential accessories, to the site and get you connected and ready to go. With an approved electrician on our team, you can be sure that everything is safe, secure and reliable. 

We prepare the equipment sufficiently, so we are sure that it will all go the distance and perform at a high standard, for the duration of your event.

If, however an unfortunate and unforeseeable outage occurs, we have provisions in place to rectify the issue as smoothly and efficiently as is possible. We are also a phone call away if anything needs urgent attention.